Pastel Pots

I saw these beautiful tiny painted pots at a local store close to where I work. I thought they'd be perfect for a sunny windowsill in my house, but the $9 price tag (yes, for one) didn't appeal to me at all. So what did I do? I decided to recreate them for way less cash. The final result adds a lot to a window, but spreads color throughout the room. Plus, I only spent around $15 bucks on both the pots and the plants. Four words - you can't beat that.

You will need three tiny clay pots and three to four succulents, herbs or other small plants. I ended up using potting soil and various paints I already had laying around. Since my pots will be insiders, I used acrylic paint, but if you plan to keep your pots outside, please look into a waterproof or outside approved paint. Design*Sponge featured ways to make terracota pots look aged or weathered. Whatever you decide to do, experiment and have fun!


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